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Here’s how you can use “synthetic social media” to build your business’s online presence, put your marketing on auto-pilot, and…

✅ Increase reach and engagement with your best customers

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The truth about social media

Creating stunning social media posts is EASY even if you’re a terrible photographer or writer.

Imagine this scenario...

A small group of your very best customers sit down with a creative copywriter and a talented photographer.

Their goal is to turn amazing reviews of your business into social media posts.

And once that’s done, they capture several unique images that perfectly show off the experience you create for your customers.

Finally, they post their work on Instagram where it attracts attention, likes, and shares from potential customers.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Not any more.

This new AI platform does exactly that…

without hiring the copywriter and photographer.

And you don’t even have to know how to write prompts for ChatGPT.

Introducing Echo Social, the only AI tool that turns customer reviews into share-worthy social media content.

Echo Social creates scroll-stopping social media content that increases reach and engagement in all your social media accounts.

The old way

Spend hours coming up with the "right" captions and searching for a good-enough photo.

Post and hope for a few likes.

💡 The new way

Set up Echo Social and let the EDC Algorithm do the work!

You have engaging posts ready to go in minutes.

Echo Social feels realistic because it IS realistic. that’s something traditional social media tools and AI chat bots like ChatGPT simply can’t do.

Here’s how it works...

The only Social Media AI powered by the EDC Algorithm.


Pulls your customer reviews from TripAdvisor, Google Business, Yelp, Airbnb, and Trustpilot.


Analyzes the magic moments, meaningful quotes, emotional stories, and memories from your best customers.


Generates original social media posts perfect for your business using your customer’s words.

The result is a social media feed with posts so striking and meaningful, your best prospects simply can’t scroll past them without liking, sharing, and commenting.

And that additional engagement leads to new customers directly from your social media accounts.

The EDC Algorithm extracts reviews from these supported platforms

More coming soon...

Check out these
real, scroll-stopping posts..

Echo Social creates scroll-stopping social media content that increases reach and engagement in all your social media accounts.

Posts for any small business!

Not sure what to post? No problem.

Echo Social is pre-loaded
with templates
that produce great content for you.

Echo Social includes helpful templates that “prime” the AI to create unique, personalized content just for you.

Customers tell us that these pre-prompts create better posts than they could come up with on their own, including:

Metaphor Posts

The most powerful way to sell the experiences you provide. Metaphors and analogies create a “buyer’s mentality” in your audience leading to more bookings.

Story Posts

The EDC Algorithm pulls stories from your reviews, then creates posts that put your readers inside the shoes of actual customers so they can imagine the experience for themselves.

Humorous Posts

Nothing gets readers to pay attention like a bit of humor. These posts get your audience laughing so they fall in love with your brand and experiences

Quote Posts

Starting with your reviews, Echo Social pulls specific ideas and quotes that are relevant to your business.

Emotive Posts

The best way to connect with your audience. These posts provoke emotions to create a personal connection with readers.

Tips & Advice Posts

Educate your customers on your destination and the experiences you provide with tips about your location, tours and activities.

Thought Leadership

These posts establish you as THE trusted expert in your field and builds your authority with your audience.

Gratitude Posts

Echo Social creates posts that thank your existing customers and shows them you care about them.

Replace your entire social media team with the power of Echo Social.

Echo Social does all of that BETTER.

Social Media Manager


Analyzes customer data, studies market trends, generates social media strategies to grow awareness.

Professional Photographer


Scouts locations, maintains expensive equipment, captures and sorts through thousands of photos.

Professional Copywriter


Researches and understands human psychology, crafts customer personas, writes compelling copy.

Echo Social does the work of all three of these professionals, saving you up to

$205,875 / year

For a limited time only — Lock in your
Founder’s Price now!

Echo Social is brand new. In fact, we’re still working on some of the best features.

When it’s complete, it will retail at $199/month. That’s still a massive bargain compared to the thousands of dollars you would spend each month to hire a social media team.

But if you get Echo Social now, you’ll lock in the life-time Founder’s Membership price of just $97/month.

Here’s everything you get…





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Metaphor Posts

Story Posts

Humorous Posts

Quote Posts

Emotive Posts

Tips & Advice Posts

Thought Leadership

Gratitude Posts

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Zero risk: 14-day money-back-guarantee

100% secure 256-bit encrypted checkout

4.9 based on 237 reviews

14-day money-back guarantee 🏆

You’ll love it…or it’s free

How it works

1. Connect Review sources

2. Press "Generate"

3. Start Posting!

Customers are already
winning with Echo Social

Fred C. CEO of Servcations

This is too fun! I'm going to schedule these today!

Julia M. CEO Spirit Journeys

This saves me so much time!

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Echo Social helps you grab attention and attract more customers to your business.

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We’ve seen how Echo Social can completely change the way business owners use social media. And it will work for you too. But, to make your decision a complete no-brainer, Echo Social is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

It’s this simple: you get amazing captions paired with striking images that attract more likes, shares, and bookings or we’ll refund every penny.

Just let us know within 14 days. You absolutely cannot lose with Echo Social.

Money-Back Guarantee: 14-Day No Questions Asked

Extra questions? 👇

Do I need to have customer reviews?

Yes, in order for Echo Social to work, you will need to have customer reviews on Google Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot or Airbnb.

Is Echo Social for me?

Echo Social is perfect for you if you operate a small business, have reviews online, and find it difficult to find time for social media management. Echo Social will save you a tremendous amount of time and increase your online visibility through continuous social presence.

How is Echo Social different from other social media management tools?

Echo Social unlocks a unique content source - your customer reviews. No other platform can analyze reviews to create realistic social posts like Echo Social. Use us along with your favorite scheduling and analytics tools to supercharge results.

How does it work?

Echo Social uses the AI EDC Algorithm to create social media posts for you to post on your social media channels. You simply connect your review sources and EDC will write the captions and generate images for you.

Does Echo Social really create high-quality content for my business?

We understand this sounds almost too good to be true! But Echo Social was built specifically to leverage reviews and testimonials into realistic, engaging social media posts. Our proprietary EDC Algorithm analyzes the emotion and meaning behind real customer experiences to generate authentic and compelling content. Give it a try - we're confident you'll be amazed at the results.

Will the content Echo Social creates really resonate with my target audience?

Absolutely. Because the content is based entirely on actual customer reviews, it captures the true essence of their experience with your business. This results in social posts that feel genuine and relate to what matters most to your audience. We constantly refine our algorithm to improve relevance and quality.

Is Echo Social really affordable for my small business?

With all your competitors engaging customers daily on social media, can you afford not to? Even if you have a limited budget, the cost of missing out on connecting with potential customers online is far greater. Echo Social pays for itself many times over by generating more revenue through increased awareness, engagement and sales. Our flexible plans start at just $97/month - a tiny fraction of the $17,000+ monthly cost of hiring a dedicated social team.

How easy is it to set up and integrate Echo Social?

Setup takes just minutes and requires no technical expertise. You simply connect your existing review sites. Our step-by-step onboarding guides you through the seamless setup process. We handle extracting reviews, distilling memories, and generating content - you just sit back and watch your engagement grow!

How much time do I need to spend managing Echo Social?

One of the biggest benefits of Echo Social is hands-off automation. After quick initial setup, you can generate months of social content in just minutes a week. Our algorithm does the heavy lifting while you focus on higher priority business goals.

I'm not social media savvy. Can Echo Social still help me?

Absolutely! Echo Social is designed for busy business owners without expertise or time for complex social strategies. We handle the technology and best practices. You just tell us about your business and we take care of the rest to get you results. Good social media is now easier than ever.

Which review sources are supported?

We currently extract reviews from Google Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Trustpilot.

How do I access Echo Social?

Once you purchase a subscription, simply login using the username and password you set during registration.

How does Echo Social ensure my data and reviews are protected?

Your data security is our top priority. Echo Social uses bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption and only extracts reviews you explicitly permit. Your data is never sold or shared. Our world-class security exceeds industry standards to protect your business.

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